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Camp Africa Florida is an annual, unique, family-friendly, high-energy African drum, dance and cultural experience!  Picture yourself immersed in the sights and sounds of an African village without ever leaving the continent.  Professional African Drum and Dance Masters come together to host, entertain, perform and lead workshops in their arts. 


Learn the tribal drum rhythms from the African Drum Masters.  Learn the lively and spirited dances and the history behind the movements from African Masters of Dance.  Listen to the Drum & Dance Masters share their experiences, those of their ancestors and the mysteries and lore of traditional African life.  


Thrill to the entertainment of professional African Drum & Dance Masters in their colorful native costumes. Drum with the Masters at the nightly drum circle around the bonfire.


Set up your tent and camp under the stars.  This value-packed event is an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget.


The only "African" camp on the East Coast! 


See you in the Village!



The goal of a 3-day African Village is to bring people together, people of all races, ethnic groups, backgrounds, beliefs and socioeconomic status. We like to share and educate the community about African art, culture, & traditions.

We want to share the passions of the African life, we want to dialogue with the rest of the world. By sharing and recreating, it becomes renaissance, it renews the art once again. It gives us the opportunity to keep alive the experiences of African art, traditions, and culture through the generations.

We think the world is one, but we have so many cultures. The only difference is the traditions of people and this is where diversity is created.

We chose Florida for our African village because it is a community that shows interest in different cultures. We have people from all over the world visiting Florida. We have a lot of drum circle communities also. For the drum circle community, how many can really understand where their drum comes from? We think it is few that understand, and we want to provide the answers for them.
The concept is simple. A three day African Village where you can feel the ambiance of the African people. Three days is a short time, but a long time to spend in an African village. We want to show what happens when we have a celebration in our African village. We want to show the way we act, the way we dress, how we talk to each other and share our happiness, and forget our daily pain. This is the village we want to create to share with the community. We want to explain the history and why we do the things the way we do.

We wear traditional African clothes, use African languages, share together. The village is one and this is a unique moment that you will experience and never forget. Sharing is not just material things, it is talking, smiling, teaching and interacting with each other. We are one in the village. When you cross the line to come into the camp, leave your life behind and experience the renewal of the positive energy of the African people. This can be a life-changing experience for those who want to know and go beyond their own self.

We want to continue our camp concept in a permanent space, not just a 3-day village, but a village open to the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In our village, there will be performances, workshops, classes, a gallery, and an artisan exposition of African art and instruments. We want to share with the world our African tribal culture, history, and art. We want to show what a typical day in Africa is like and showcase different African families in their ethnic tribal settings.

Knowledge is one of the biggest gifts the human has to give. We want to create the ambiance of a small village in Africa. What we want to share with you is just a little part of the circle of life. Those who want to accept our invitation will participate in the learning, giving, and sharing of the positive side of the African culture. We will connect the positivity in you with our village and we will share some great things together. Whoever wants to know, ask. Whoever wants to listen, hear. Don't be afraid. The teachers and the students are on the same level, exchanging the positive energies of the human spirit. Each day, sharing knowledge, celebrating the artistical social life of the tribes of Africa.

We create this inspiration together. It's easy to do, all you have to do is use a little of your imagination and you are there. You will be able to understand the positivity and the energy of the African people in all its dimensions.

Welcome to our Village!

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